Long-Lasting Portable Jumper Cables for Car Owners in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a jumper cablesthat will last long, look no further! CNC Sales in Melbourne has a large range of portable jumper cables that are of top quality and have a long lifespan. Our jumpercables can provide around 10-20 jump starts in one charge. If you’re in the business of providing roadside assistance, this is the ideal product for you.

Choosing the right jump starter is important, no matter if you need it for your business or personal use. They act as a rechargeable battery if your vehicle battery dies down. You need to choose one that is compatible with your vehicle’s engine and is also easy to carry around.

At CNC Sales, we sell Super Mini Booster jumperpacksthat are portableand come with different features, depending on the type of vehicle you have. We have jumper packs with a 12 and 24 volt battery power and come in two sizes – G4+++ and G7. You can also find more details and specifications in our “Products” page.

Along with our jumper packs, we also sell accessories like jumper cables, which you can replace in case your existing cables are damaged or lost. In case you’re sending your vehicle for battery maintenance, get an OBD2 scanner from us to save your car’s computer data from the ECU.

High-Quality Battery Packs for Cars and Motorbikes in Melbourne

In case you’re looking for a new battery for your vehicle, we can help you with that too! We sell acid-gel batteries at our store as they are long-lasting and ensure high performance. If you notice a sudden decrease in the performance of the battery after continuous use for years, it means that you would need to change the batteries. You can also purchase motorbike and lithium truck batteries from us.

Trust us to provide only top-quality products at reasonable prices. With our genuine products and great customer service, your satisfaction with our services are guaranteed. You can count on us to deliver the product to your home within the specified timeline.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the products we sell or if you need guidance in choosing the right product based on your needs. Call us on 0467 641 700 and speak to our friendly representative right away! We proudly serve various cities across Melbourne.