Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Jump Start Kits in Brisbane

If you’re planning on going for a long trip, there’s a chance that your car’s battery might suddenly die down during your trip. And waiting for another car to help give yours a jump start can be frustrating and tiring. Be prepared by keeping a battery jump starter with you. CNC Sales in Brisbane is your one-stop shop when you need a top-quality jump start kit for your vehicle.

We sell Super Mini Booster packs at our store as they are the smallest yet one of the most powerful jump-start packs you’ll find. Its compact size makes it easier to fit in the vehicle without taking too much space and its power uses sealed AGM battery technology. You can power up your vehicle or any other battery in your home easily using this booster.

Choosing the Right Super Mini Booster for Your Vehicle

CNC Sales provides a wide range of Super Mini Booster jump-start packs having different features including 12 and 24 volt batteries as well as G4+++ or G7 sizes, depending on what you plan to power up. If you browse through our “Products” page, you’ll find the specifications and features of each type of Super Mini Booster packs. You can also try out our emergency power packs!

Apartfrom our Super Mini Boosters, you can buy battery packs from us in case your vehicle battery dies. We sell acid-gel type battery for your vehicle as it lasts longer and provides high performance throughout the service, so when it drops rapidly, you will know that you have to change the battery.

To use your jump starter, you will need the right cables to connect to your vehicle. In case your jumper cables are damaged or need to be replaced, you can buy a quality jumper cable from us at a competitive price. We also sell OBD2 scanner if you want to send your vehicle for battery maintenance. You’ll also find lithium truck batteries and motorbike batteries at our shop.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll answer all your questions. Our friendly representatives will also help you choose the right product depending on your vehicle and your needs. Call us on 0467 641 700 and ask away! We proudly serve various areas across Brisbane.