Providing High-Performance and Affordable Battery Packs in Adelaide

Most times, car owners don’t know which battery is right for their vehicle, and going to the dealership can turn out to be very expensive. If you’re in a similar situation at the moment and need advice on choosing the right battery for your vehicle, CNC Sales in Adelaide is your best option. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right type of battery for your vehicle.

We sell acid-gel batteries in our shop as they give out higher performance compared to other types of batteries and they also last longer. You will also get an indication when the battery dies as they’ll be a sudden decrease in performance. Moreover, we sell motorbike batteries as well as lithium batteries for trucks.

Using Quality Jump-Start Kits Adelaide to Offer Exceptional Roadside Assistance

Do you have a roadside assistance business? If you do, then you would have come across various cases where your customers need a jump start. Having a good-quality jump starter is essential in this situation so that your customer is satisfied with the service and can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Order a portable Super Mini Booster jump starter from us right away! With its high-power capacity, it can provide 10-20 jump starts in one charge. Moreover, its size and built makes it easier to carry around and fit into a vehicle. You can carry it in your boat, truck, van, or car easily without it occupying much space.

Our Super Mini Booster jump-start pack come in G4+++ and G7 sizes. We also have variations in power output, which are 12V and 24V. We’ve been selling mini boosters since 2011 and started with an 800-amp Super Mini Booster. We currently have an 1800-amp Super Mini Booster and are continuously trying to improve it.

Most vehicles are automatic and have data stored in the computer system. So, when you give your vehicle for battery maintenance, there’s a high chance that all the information stored will be wiped out and you would have to manually restore all the information. Get an OBD2 scanner to save yourself the effort. You can save all the ECU settings before getting your car’s battery disconnected.

Reach out to our team today when you need a jump starter for your vehicle. You can also buy one for your personal vehicle. Call us on 0467 641 700 to get your questions answered. We proudly serve various areas across Adelaide.