Your Trusted Store in Sydney for Top-Quality Jump Starter

Don’t let yourself be without help if you get stranded in the middle of the road. Keep a jumper pack ready in your car wherever you travel. CNC Sales in Sydney is your trusted store when you need top-quality car battery and jumper packs at affordable prices. They’re a lifesaver for your trips and will last longer.

Check out our very own Super Mini Booster packs. We started from an 800-ampSuper Mini Booster and now sell an1800-ampSuper Mini Booster pack. These boosters are small but very powerful jumper packs and can be used for many jump-starts. It’s also lightweight and is easy to store in your vehicle.

In case any part of your Super Mini Booster jump-start pack is lost or damaged, you can buy replacement accessories from our shop too. Our accessories include power adapters, batteries, head units, and red and black clamps. Send us a mail or contact us to get all your questions answered.

Get an OBD2 Scanner From Us in Sydney

Apart from jump-start kits, we also have various accessories that you can use for your vehicle like OBD2 scanner. An OBD-II saver is very useful when you give your vehicle for battery maintenance. Once the battery gets disconnected, all the data stored in your car’s computer is reset. With the OBD-II, you can save the data before giving it for maintenance.

Instead of spending a fortune for your car battery by buying from your dealership, you can reach out to us for affordable battery packs. We provide acid-gel batteries for your vehicle,which are built to meet factory specifications. Our batteries will last longerand provide a higher performance. You can also find batteries for your motorbikes and trucks.

We’re committed to providing superior-quality products and exceptional services to all our customers across Australia. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our service. You can be sure that we’ll meet and exceed your expectations every time. You will also get a limited warranty on our products.

Call us on 0467 641 700 or email us if you have any questions and our friendly representative will get back to you soon! Our services extend all across Sydney.