Trouble Shooting for Super Mini Booster…

Please see attached different examples on what could be wrong with a booster and how you can determine if its warranty or human era.

  • Step 1.
    Check the clamps, example have a look to see if the owner has put clamps on wrong battery terminals and you will see black marks from sparking or melted teeth, this will cause charging chip to blow and the voltage meter will stay the same and not go up at all that’s human era , NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. But if clamps are ok then go to step 2 below.
  • Step 2.
    Check wall charger / make sure Red light goes Green if it goes green when you plug into booster then you know wall charger is not Faulty , make sure voltage meter starts climbing as well but if stays red then there was a surge in the power socket client was using so use new 240 charger and hope it works. If voltage meter doesn’t climb with new 240 adapter and green light is on then replace head unit.
  • Step 3.
    If light on the head unit of the booster is flashing RED then GREEN and then RED then GREEN again and again that means someone has plug a different adapter to charge booster so to repair this you will need to remove the head unit off the booster and then you will need to remove 1 bolt that connects lead to battery for 3 seconds and refit and this should reprogram the head unit and start charging again.

    If RED light on head unit is doing a double flash as in RED – RED and continues to do RED – RED this means battery is dead and that maybe could be from someone dropping the booster on the Ground as example, so the lead plates have moved in side the booster and touched together so will need new battery.

  • Step 3.
    If the booster won’t take charge for some reason then you can use a new Pulse charger not old school trickle charger must be the new PULSE charger, and the pulse charger must have TRICKLE RECONDITION that chargers the booster on low pulse , After 30 mins booster battery starts to get hot then booster battery in no good, if booster voltage meter starts to go up then that’s a good sign

    Never trickle charge the booster over night must always be present for safety reasons.

    For the procedure for step 4 to work you simply place red to red clamp and black to black clamp and begin process.