Powering Flat Starter Batteries in Canberra With Quality Jumper Cables

Have only the best jump-start packs when you need to power your flat starter battery. You won’t find a better substitute for your jump starter than in CNC Sales in Canberra. We have a range of jump-start packs and have been working with them since 2011. All our jumper cables are long-lasting and provide optimum power to start your car’s battery.

We sell one of the most powerful jumperstarters in its class, Super Mini Booster jump starter, for your vehicle. Your battery will also last longer once you jump-start it with this super booster. Our Super Mini Boosters are portable and can easily fit into your car, campervan, or boat. Once fully charged, it can provide 10-20 jump starts.

Choose the right type of Super Mini Booster, keeping the specifications and needs of your vehicle in mind. Our jump starters range from 800 amps to 1800 amps and come in 12V and 24V, the latter can be used if your vehicle needs more power. They are easy to use and do not undercharge or overcharge. They also won’t damage the computer system of the vehicle.

Range of Replacement Accessories for Your Jump-Start Kit in Canberra

You can get replacement accessories for your Super Mini Booster from us to fix your jump starter. We provide an array of replacement parts like head units, batteries, power adapter, and red and black clamps. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us.

Taking your car for battery maintenance can result in losing all the computer data of your vehicle stored in the ECU. To prevent this from happening, buy an OBD2 scanner from us! You can just plug into your car’s OBD port and save all the computer data before sending it for maintenance. You’ll be saving time of manually inputting the data by saving the data.

We also sell battery packs for vehicles at our shop. We mostly sell acid-gel batteries as they are durable and have a high-performance output. You can get batteries for your car or motorbike. You’ll also find lithium batteries for trucks at our store.

Contact us today if you want to find out more details on the products we sell. You can call us on 0467 641 700 or leave us a message through our contact form and we’ll get back to you.